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Date: Fri, +0100 From: [email protected] toute lquipe de Morgan, Je tiens tout particulirement vous remercier pour lenvoi si rapide du carbtune.Jai rceptionn le colis ce jour, la livraison a t trs rapide et je suis trs satisfait du produit qui correspond exactement ma commande.

xxx Lxxxxx Date: Mon, +0000 (UTC) From: Gxxx Mxxxx Just received the 90 degree Angle Driver.(Bevel Screwdriver) Looks great!With gratitude, Vxxxxx Vxxxx Calarasi - Romania From: Jxxxx Bxxxxxxx Sent: 24 January 2016 Hi, I gave the Carbtune a try today.I have a Suzuki GSX 750 ES 1983 and I have had my carbs off for a properly clean.I had synced them manually with a feeler gauge before reinstalling them on the bike, so I didnt think they would be much off.I was so surprised when I hooked the Carbtune up and saw that the carbs was anything but synced!About an hour later the carbs were properly synced and the throttle response was much better and a very smooth and steady idle. Jxxxx Bxxxxxxx From: Rxxxxx Cxxx Sent: 20 October 2015 Thank you Sean It has been my pleasure working with your Carb tune tool The Carb Tune is a valued addition to my tool box and I expect to use it many times I recommend it to all my friends that work with Multiple Carburetors Rxxxxx Cxxx From: Mxxxxxx and Axxx Bxxxxxx Sent: 11 October 2015 Hi Just to let you know the carbtune arrived in a couple of days.

I have used it and it is great - so much better than dial gauges I have used in the past!

Regards Mxxxxxx From: Sxxxxxx Cxxxxxx Sent: 05 October 2015 Hello Sean, the carbtune is working very well and it helped me to diagnose and correct the uncorrect align of a throttle valve on my FZ6 Fazer and now my engine runs at his best !

Just like my carbtune synchronizer I purchased a few years ago, your products really are thought out and built the way a mechanic needs them to be. Gxxx Mxxxx From: Mxx Ix Sent: 25 January 2016 Hello, Morgan!

I want to thank you especially for reliability, promptness and professionalism you have demonstrated in product delivery Carbtune Pro-4.

Today I came into possession of and am very pleased, can not wait to use it.

Congratulations and keep up the work in the future!

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