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A movement is born Since Citibank’s (at the time) revolutionary change, numerous states passed statutes encouraging plain language, the SEC issued its landmark in 1998, the federal government passed the Plain Language in Government Communications Act in 2008, and President Obama signed the Plain Writing Act of 2010, requiring the federal government to write documents in simple language.With all this momentum decades ago, shouldn’t plain language now reign supreme? As professional writers, we encounter jargon, legalese and overly complicated prose—in short, gobbledygook—everywhere.

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However, the request for a simpler promissory note first came from the marketing department.Citibank was aiming to be seen as a leader in consumer relations, and its marketers knew that simpler documents would be key in achieving that goal.And thus began the process of rewriting the promissory note in plain language.That note became an icon of the plain language movement.n 1970, Citibank set in motion a series of events that eventually gave birth to a movement dedicated to simple, clear writing.Now called the plain language movement, Citibank’s efforts resulted in legislatures across the country passing laws requiring documents like insurance policies and consumer contracts to be written simply.

The famous promissory note Citibank had spent significant time in small claims court trying to collect on its promissory notes (the document you sign when borrowing money).

It had also invested a lot of time training staff to answer customers’ questions about its complicated forms and contracts.

This: You can delay enforcing any of your rights under this note without losing them.

Replaced this: No failure or delay on the part of the Bank in exercising, and no failure to file or otherwise enforce the Bank’s security interest in or with respect to any Collateral, shall operate as a waiver of any right or remedy hereunder or release any of the undersigned may be extended or waived by the Bank, any contract or other agreement evidencing or relating to any Obligation or any Collateral may be amended and any Collateral exchanged, surrendered or otherwise dealt with in accordance with any agreement relative thereto, all without affecting the liability of any of the undersigned.

Citibank is on record that it improved its image and saved consumer litigation costs by simplifying documents.

And the wording of the new form has never been challenged in court.

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