Bunny speed dating

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Most centers allow you to bring your rabbit along to introduce him or her to another rabbit that you’re considering adopting.In fact, they’ll probably allow more than one introduction – leading to the “speed dating” title of this blog.

However, there’s also the possibility of a personality clash – even fights if these introductions are not carried out with care.

So what are some tips on how to introduce two rabbits to each other with the least amount of hassle or worry that one or both might end up getting hurt?

– The best combination is a neutered male-female pair.

However, although this is the ideal, it’s not to say that same sex pairs won’t get on with each other.

There’s always the exception to the rule, after all.

Rabbits are social animals, and prefer to be in the company of other rabbits.

In fact, it can be extremely detrimental to a rabbit to be kept in solitary confinement (unless, of course, it’s for reasons advised by your veterinary surgeon).

But there’s always a worry that if you get your rabbit a new housemate that they won’t get on. Rescue centers are very aware of the difficulties involved in bonding rabbits and are highly likely to offer help in this process.

If you have a rabbit and are considering getting another, then having a chat with the staff at your local shelter is a great idea.

– When introducing two rabbits this should always be done on neutral territory.

Rabbits are very territorial, and if you put a new rabbit into another rabbit’s area (hutch, play pen or anywhere he or she considers home), then the chances of a violent reaction are very high.

Many people successfully use places such as a bath tub or bathroom floor as a good place for bonding sessions.

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