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The above two photos provide the view of this banyan tree, as seen from the right side and left side of the viewing point (respectively).Tourists are allowed till this place and since the central trunk of this tree is not there, one can only see its offshoots all around the place.

This is not exactly a tourist spot, but since I went there anyway, I came to know that there are people from around 55 countries, living in the campus of the Theosophical society.The Center for Platelet Research Studies is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary center for the study of platelet function by state of the art methods.The Center undertakes basic, translational, and clinical research, including clinical trials of drugs, devices, and tests.A major interest of the Center is antiplatelet therapy for the treatment of thrombosis: basic mechanisms, standardization of monitoring assays, and clinical outcomes.In addition to the pursuit of our academic interests, we perform studies in collaboration with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and instrumentation companies.The Adyar Banyan tree (Adyar Aala maram) is located in the campus of Theosophical society, in Adyar, Chennai.

This tree is believed to be around 450 years old and is thought to be one of the largest banyan trees in the whole world.The total area occupied by the tree and its offshoots, is estimated to be around 40,000 square feet.Actually, the main trunk was uprooted by a big cyclone in 1989 and only the branches survive today along with a small portion of the main trunk.So, I became inquisitive about Theosophical society and Theosophy.I got the below quotes from the website of Theosophical society: “Members of the Theosophical society are united by a common search of truth and desire to learn the meaning and purpose of existence through study, reflection, self-responsibility and loving service” “Theosophy offers a philosophy which renders life intelligible and demonstrates that justice and love guides the cosmos” Many luminous personalities were involved with the Theosophical society, including Annie Besant, Jiddu Krishnamurti, George Arundale, etc.According to Wikipedia, the Aims/ Ideals of the Theosophical Society are as follows: 1.