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Like the show it was inspired by, KATG–TV frequently ranks within the top 5 on Podcast Alley.

The production is sophisticated without sacrificing the improvisational swagger that is central to rap's appeal." In 1996, Nas references the album in the chorus of "I Gave You Power," from his second album It Was Written, a song where Nas plays an anthropomorphized gun. I go blaow, it's the shit that moves crowds, makin' every ghetto foul." In 2004, Ludacris references the album in Usher's number one hit Yeah! In 2008, the title track "How Ya Like Me Now" was ranked number 31 on VH1's 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs.

In 2009, the newly elected chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, seemed to reference Kool Moe Dee in comments addressed to President Barack Obama, "I would say to the new president, congratulations. And I would follow that up with: How do you like me now?

It is hosted by Keith Malley and Chemda Khalili in Queens, New York.

The hosts are known for interacting with their audience live via chat rooms, web cam and phone calls.

In the show, Malley and Khalili discuss their lives and current events in humorous and unrestrained fashion.

The show's tagline is "Keith and his ex-girlfriend talk shit".

Some frequent general topics of the show include: "New York stories:" happenings in New York City (includes stories from Malley's early life working as a waiter after arriving from Somerset, Pennsylvania); "HUAR" (Humans United Against Robots): news and discussions of advancing robot technologies and their implications; and "Nerds": where Malley often professes his dislike for the "nerds" that frequent pod-casting, technology, and sci-fi conventions. It is a branch off of the original format of an hour to an hour and a half of talk and is focused more on short 3–5 minute comedy skits that usually feature a topic or guest of the previous week's show or news.Topics have included internet phenomena such as 2 Girls 1 Cup and the Cinnamon Challenge, to the inner workings of the main KATG show.Kool Moe Dee was an original member of The Treacherous Three.He had a long running feud with LL Cool J releasing various "diss tracks" at his adversary.On the cover, there is LL Cool J's red Kangol hat under a front wheel of the Jeep Wrangler in the backdrop.In a contemporary review, the Washington Post compared the album to work by hip hop artists Schooly D and LL Cool J stating that Kool Moe Dee "comes across like a hip guidance couselor" and that the album was a "def aural collage: James Brown beats on the title cut, Queen on "Rock You" even Paul Simon on "50 Ways.".

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