Dataview not updating

26-Jul-2016 00:51 by 2 Comments

Dataview not updating - Adult dating in window rock arizo

Hi I'm using Linq to bind data to a binddatasource which in trun feeds data to a radgridiview. Base Grid Navigator.get_Current Group() at Telerik.

Before I upgrade to 2009Q1 SP1, I need to tblitem Items Binding Source. To List(); However, after upgraded to 2009Q1 SP1, the above line is no longer useful. Null Reference Exception was unhandled Message="Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Source="Telerik.

Data Source = null; // throw exception if without this statement using 2008Q3 tblitem Items Binding Source. In my experience, 2009Q1 breaks more things more than it fixes.

Set Current Row(Grid View Row Info row, Boolean set Position, Boolean shift, Boolean control, Boolean right Mouse Button) at Telerik.

Set Current Row(Grid View Row Info row Info) at Telerik.

Data Access Component.currency Manager_List Changed(Object sender, List Changed Event Args e) at System.

On List Changed(List Changed Event Args e) at System.

List_List Changed(Object sender, List Changed Event Args e) at System.

Reset Bindings(Boolean metadata Changed) at System.

Set List(IList list, Boolean meta Data Changed, Boolean apply Sort And Filter) at System.

Binding Source.set_Data Source(Object value) at Popular IT.

Search Grid(Boolean expand Rows) in C:\Projects\MOSES.

Search Item Name_Key Down(Object sender, Key Event Args e) in C:\Projects\MOSES.

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