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It features the latest fashion news, shopping tips, cookery, lifestyle features and TV gossip. 12 episodes in total aired, with them being split up into two series, they broadcasted in the summer of 20. It is thought the show will return in 2009.*"Entertainment Today" aired each Friday from -. Most recently, GMTV has acquired a further channel slot in the form of the , whose programming between and 9.25 am is simulcasted with that of GMTV's children's output on its other two stations: on GMTV2 throughout the week, and on GMTV1 at weekends.

Online The GMTV website has more than 800,000 unique users and attracts more than 8 million page impressions a month.

Since the switchover is now practically seamless and the station is 'surrounded' on both sides by ITV Network continuity, most viewers perceive GMTV simply as a programme on ITV; however, due to Disney's minority stake in the station, it essentially remains an independent broadcaster with its own news-gathering operation, sales and management teams and in-house production team.

Very occasionally, in the event of a major sporting fixture or such-like occurring early in the morning, the ITV Network may seek permission from the regulator, 's year-long negotiations to launch a children's channel with Nickelodeon were ultimately thwarted by GMTV, who felt that the viewing figures for its own children's programming would be threatened by such a venture.

The plans were scrapped, and when ITV eventually launched the CITV Channel, it placated GMTV by contracting the company to sell the advertising in the channel's airtime (making it the only ITV-owned channel not sold by the in-house advertising sales division).

ITV plc has attempted to buy out Disney's stake in GMTV, in order to secure 24-hour control of Channel 3 in decided not to renew his contract because he considered GMTV to be 'celebrity-oriented', and stated that the channel did not broadcast sufficient news and current affairs output; he also supposedly disagreed with how the managing editors ran the programmes. Background As a nationally available analogue terrestrial station, GMTV is required, by the terms of its licence, to fulfil various public service commitments, including substantial broadcasting of news and current affairs output, as well as the aforementioned children's programmes, and also party political broadcasts over election periods.

In Panorama investigation disclosed that callers to GMTV's phone-in competitions may have been defrauded out of around £40 million, because the telephone system operator, Opera Interactive Technology, had determined the winners before the phone lines had closed. Accessed 2007-09-26.] Time changes The channel is usually broadcast from - daily, but has had to change times on several occasions due to live sport events clashing with this timeslot.

GMTV responded by suspending the phone-in quizzes, and while they initially claimed that "it was confident it had not breached regulators' codes", they subsequently terminated their contract with Opera Interactive after their own investigations discovered "irregularities". During the from -Rebranding Exercise In the first quarter of 2009, GMTV will overcome a major rebranding exercise.

This will incure a new Logo, Titles, Screen Captions etc...

It has been criticised for its poor journalistic quality (for instance placing a soap opera storyline in its headline news) and an over-reliance on phone-in competitions.

Programmes Current programming*"News Hour" airs Monday to Friday from -, with a round-up of the latest national and international news.

It also includes regional news, weather, newspaper reviews, plus various guests.

*"" airs Monday to Thursday from - and each Friday from -, with news updates, regional news, weather, special features, showbiz reports, human-interest features and celebrity guests.*"" airs Monday to Thursday from -, with the programme being aimed more at women. " is a pre-school stand, airing from - each Saturday and Sunday.*" (and even holds a 'GMTV3' license), but has so far foregone its chance to launch a third station, preferring to sell its airtime to ITV plc, to allow ITV3 to broadcast around the clock.

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