Dating large age gap

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Dating large age gap

Some women want and older man and are happy not to have children and some men are hoping to have children to a younger woman.Either way, how big an age-gap do you think is acceptable?

He’s over double her age and we can’t imagine that you’d have much in common with someone who’s old enough to be your dad.

You’re at completely different stages of your life.

A 21 year old will still like the party scene and having a good time, whereas a 44 year old is more likely to want to settle down. It’s not just Marc and Chloe that are taking their chances, Seth Mac Farlane is rumoured to be dating Game of Thrones star Emilie Clarke.

And if your relationship does last the distance, what happens when the younger party wants to have kids? Seth, 39, and Emilie, 24, have been seen arm in arm and cuddling up to each other recently, sparking rumours that they are a couple.

Although nothing has been confirmed, they could be facing the same problems as Marc and Chloe.

Age-gap relationships can be great, it all depends upon what level you’re at in your life.

It’s a well-known conception that men often mature later than women, sparking younger women to go for older men.It’s completely dependent on what you’re looking for in a relationship. We were a little shocked when we saw that Marc Anthony, 44, and Chloe Green, 21, were wandering round Disneyland arm in arm.The singer, who was married to Jennifer Lopez and has two children with her, was seen cuddling and smooching the Topshop heiress whilst on a trip to Disneyland in California.Things must have become pretty serious as they had taken Marc’s two children along with them, with Chloe even carrying his little girl on her arm.They looked very happy, but can they really connect with each other with an age-gap of 23 years?

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