Dating sajt ru

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heyy....a responsible young lady who really wants to be in a real relationship leading something positive.

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I am loyal, i like music,swimming,playing Basketball,watching TV, Movies going to GYM and comedies, I love public intimacy and want a good woman with a good heart,one with good know...I consider myself a very nice, intelligent caring person.Witty, very friendly, very passionate and appreciative.I enjoy a variety of activities from easy and simple to complex an... lang=ru_RU'; Form Ext Domains Enabled = false; s.portal Auth Enabled = true; s.disable Games Counter = false; s.login Link XName = 'clb1126067'; s.register Back Url = false; Links = false; Counter = true; Events = false; s.disable IFCheck = false; Splash Update = false; s.settings Text = false; s.settings Page = false; Password = false; s.login From Project = false; s.pause Update = false; s.pause Update Time = 0; Gate = false; Gate JS = ''; if (! Auth) Auth = false;s.external JS = '';s.projects Menu={projects:[{name:'auto',href:'