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Actress Han Chae Young, who will appear in the upcoming drama "Pretty Man" with Jang Geun Suk, married Korean-American financial expert Choi Dong Joon in 2007. This year actor Bae Soo Bin married a graduate student who is eight years younger than him.The two were introduced to each other through friends, and only began dating officially this year. Actress Park Si Yeon, who starred in "Nice Guy," married Park Sang Hun, an office worker at a small company.

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Then, he couldn't do anything but just look at him.

Kang Rae Yeon faced Suh Ji Eun and requested a divorce. This is definite for me and don't even call my husband in a personal call" as he made a warning.

Meanwhile, 'Mama' is a melodrama about a single mother Han Seung Hee (Song Yoon Ah), who finds out that she has a terminal illness.

Worried about her son, she searches for her ex-boyfriend's family in a hope of entrusting her son to him.

"Mama" Son Sung Yoon requested a divorce from Moon Jung Hee and said that Jung Joon Hee was dating Song Yoon AH.

On the MBC weekend drama "Mama" (script Yoo Yoon Kyung, director Kim Sang Hyup, production Pen Entertainment) broadcast on August 31, Moon Tae Joo (played by Jung Joon Ho) wanted to meet her wife Suh Ji Eun (played by Moon Jung Hee) that he was in an affair with and called Kang Rae Yeon (played by Son Sung Yoon).

Suh Ji Eun ignored Kang Rae Yeon's suggestion to meet up.

However, seeing Kang Rae Yeon calling his daughter Moon Bona (played by Jo Min Ah).

When the news surfaced that co-stars Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young were dating, it seemed that yet again another real-life couple had met on set.

Would all the good actors and actresses just date and marry each other?

While it is more likely that actors will meet each other at work, there are many actors that do wind up marrying ordinary people.

Here are a few cases where actors chose non-celebrities.