Decent adult dating site

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Decent adult dating site

And thanks Tyler Cruz for helping me find your blog. I will be applying some of your tips to my campaigns.

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Just want to get your insight on that and learn some more (: Thanks for all of your insight.

Thanks, Pavel Reply That’s why most of the countries I recommended in Tier 2 are European ones, the target audience has more disposable income.

Anyways you’re on the right path for improving quality, but tbh those are the most basic strategies. Sorry for the vagueness, but it’s not really something I wanna share. With adult do you find it better to use bridge pages after they click your creative – or do they just go straight to the offer?

I was wondering the same about mobile — is it just always a better idea to use a presell bridge?

Reply Thanks for the insight Charles and thanks Tyler Cruz for helping me find your blog. I am going to apply some of your strategies to my campaigns.

Whats your thought on advertising these adult or dating offers on Facebook?

I know Facebook doesn’t allow you to advertise adult content but just want to get your insight. But what about quality of traffic in those Tier-3 and some Tier-2 countries?I remember i’ve worked with Portugal, Poland, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Spain offers.I’ve sent them the best traffic (Pornhub/Youporn NTVA/B), i’ve used only old women on my ads and landings, i’ve used “only for 35+ males” feature, i didn’t use any “FREE” words.But anyway, i was kicked from the offers because quality of my leads was very-very low for advertiser.You know what i mean 🙁 I think it’s just because people in these countries are not as rich as in countries like Netherlands, UK or Sweden?Did you have the same experience with those Tier-3 and some Tier-2 countries?