Diddy and jennifer lopez dating

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Jennifer Lopez and P Diddy have been spotted together in New York, fuelling rumours that they are rekindling their former romance.Lopez, who announced her split from husband Marc Anthony last month, originally dated Diddy in the late 90s and is said to have attempted to restart their relationship in recent weeks.

A source close to the singer and Meanwhile, an insider on P Diddy's side described Lopez as his "fantasy girl" and "the love of his life".

Reps for the stars have not commented on the reports.

It was previously suggested that Anthony thought that Lopez dressed "too sexily" and attempted to control her wardrobe choices.

The marriage reportedly nearly ended in 2009 over an alleged affair that Anthony engaged in with an air stewardess.

Jennifer Lopez may have already moved on from Marc Anthony to a new man, ex Sean “Diddy” Combs!

Media Takeout is reporting the two were spotted dining in NYC July 27, but there is one little problem — Jennifer was filming on the Atlanta set of Now Jennifer of course has the means to fly a private jet the two hours to New York City, enjoy a nice dinner with her ex, and then fly back to Atlanta, but is it really that feasible?

Furthermore, photos show the actress is with her children on set so she would also be leaving them back in Atlanta for the world’s most expensive dinner.

As the entire world knows, Jennifer and Diddy dated for almost three years, breaking up in 2000 shortly after that whole gun in the club incident.

Jennifer went on to marry dancer Chris Judd and Diddy went on to date a slew of women, including current flame Cassie.

This report should be taken with a grain of salt but what do you think Hollywood Lifers — could Diddy and Jennifer be getting back together?

Jennifer Lopez and P Diddy have been spotted together in New York, prompting rumours that they are dating again.

Lopez, who announced her divorce from Marc Anthony last month, was originally involved with Diddy in the late 1990s and is said to have attempted to rekindle the romance with the Bad Boy CEO in recent weeks.

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