Divorced parents dating with children

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I’m not proud that I still can’t play nicely with my ex all the time. Perhaps there’s lingering hurt because one person left, or someone cheated, or someone fell out of love.But whatever the reason that prompts a split, it’s never OK to drag kids through the mud.

“The biggest obstacles to successful co-parenting are emotions,” says Alisa Peskin-Shepherd, principal of Transitions Legal, a family law practice in Bloomfield Hills that specializes in mediative divorce.“Emotional obstacles are usually anger, resentment and jealousy.Often parents have a hard time separating those feelings toward their former spouse from their attempt to focus on their children.” It may be easier said than done to “focus on the children,” but here are seven tips for doing it well from local parents who are succeeding in co-parenting without resentment.Take time to reflect on how your behavior and your decisions are affecting your child, says Peskin-Shepherd.“Dad told me you were going to say bad things about him,” my son said.I never disparage my ex to our children, yet I had to reassure my son.

He knew it would never happen, but I could see how much it hurt him to even consider the idea. No kid asks to be part of a divorced scenario, and they shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of adult mistakes.I told my son we both love him, and said it isn’t fair to involve him in our bad behavior.“I saw the texts Dad sent you last night,” my eldest son said to me recently. We had amended our parenting time schedule to accommodate some work travel for me, and I was planning to take my son to lunch on his birthday since I wouldn’t see him that day.His dad didn’t want me taking our son to lunch on what he saw as “his time.” He spit at me in text messages.I spit back, having not learned even five years after divorcing to just not engage in the madness.It’s ridiculous that my ex and I still have bouts this long after we split; it’s even worse when the kids get tied up in our stupidity.

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