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Some of them include blocking adult sites, which is both noneducational and illegal for children to view, noneducational sites because children are in school to learn, not to play, etc.I am going to have to STRONGLY disagree with the statement above.

Do you really think the school goes through every site in the entire Web?

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Why Schools Block Sites Schools block sites for many reasons.

No, all they do is look at the URL and don't really get a chance to look at the site.

I have learned that there are going to be sites out there that will be educational and schools have blocked them.Do schools really think that they did a really good job on blocking sites? Yeah some sites are not very educational, but shouldn't schools make the day for their students fun, as well as educational?And I bet some people don't even realize, that a lot of adult sites out there ARE run by our own government?So if adult sites are so called illegal then why would they be ran by our government?Oh I guess you could really put some thought into this, and maybe someday people will realize, that government runs those sites, because we as American citizens, are too dull and dense to realize that we are just getting scammed out of our pockets.Just because the AMERICAN government failed, doesn't mean that the rest of the world should.