Fuck sites

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Fuck sites - 8 rules for dating my ex wife

These websites are not for those that are faint hearted: you will see some truly fucked up shit that can only be described by the title of ‘underground’.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, because I did, and for those of you that would be described as ‘sick fucks’, this is exactly the type of site that you’re going to want to be visiting.

Remember that if you need directions in order to find the best underground porn sites out there, the one and only place you need to visit is me here at The Porn Dude.

Need a little help figuring out where to eat, drink, or what music to listen to?

Sure, plenty of apps and web sites can help you out, but when you really want to get to the point, nothing beats the direct approach.

These helpful sites get right to the point, telling you what the f**k to do.

Obviously works best when you have a lot of options in your area, but it came up with great suggestions when I tested it.

Made by the same folks behind Where The F**k Should I Go To Eat?

, this webapp uses your location or zip code to suggest a bar or brewpub in your area where you can enjoy a tasty adult beverage. If you feel like cooking in instead, this site will help you figure out what you should make this evening—and link you to the recipe. Click the "I don't f**king eat meat" at the bottom of the page for a veggie-friendly option, or "I don't f**king like that" for a new recipe.

An honorable mention among your picks for best weather web site, The F**king Weather gives you a no-nonsense forecast without bloat or fluff.

Just the temperature and a general idea of what it's like outside.

Scroll down a bit for the five day f**king forecast.

Share your location or type in your zip code, and the webapp will find you a restaurant in your neighborhood, complete with a link to the restaurant's site and a Google Map showing you how to get there. Click "No, that place looks like s**t" for a new suggestion.