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-axes shrink significantly with the substitution of Se.As shown by the scanning electron microscope (SEM) images, the samples developed a plate-like grain structure gradually with the increase of Se concentration.

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measured the low temperature Hall coefficient and confirmed the high temperature transport properties on some of the samples.

for a series of Se concentrations, measured using the Xe I line with the same experimental geometry.

White dotted lines for x≤0.4 represent the top of the VB and the bottom of the CB, thus highlighting the bandgap; owing to the k dispersion of the bulk bands, the true gap is likely to be smaller than these estimates, as is reflected in the error bars in Fig. b, Energy distribution curves (EDCs) of the data shown in a.

c, Second-derivative plots of the ARPES intensity for x=1.0, 0.9, 0.8 and 0.6.

carried out the growth of the single crystals and their characterizations.

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thin films were prepared on stainless steel substrates by cathodic electrodeposition.The composition was dependent on the deposition conditions. conceived the experiments and wrote the manuscript.You Tube launched 10 years ago this month, and what a decade it has been.Since the days of Charlie the Unicorn, we've seen the site become a breeding ground for a whole generation of #brands, artists, and political actors.Thankfully, there's still all sorts of weirdness filling its servers.