Japanese only sex

07-Oct-2015 11:52 by 8 Comments

Japanese only sex

But as the market for sex dolls becomes increasingly versatile, for better or for worse, the Japanese sex doll industry is creating dolls that are now more than just for sex.For many men, they’ve in fact become companions that they care for and tend to regularly, an eerie collection of posable dolls displayed in their homes, made to mimic the female body in every little detail.

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Sex dolls were first created during the seventeenth century to be used by French and Spanish sailors out on long voyages, but they’ve since evolved into “companions” for men looking to relieve sexual tension without being intimate with real, living, breathing women.

Among them are the Japanese sex dolls, made with meticulous detail and precision, to the point where their human resemblance is almost unsettling.

These dolls have always been the source of debate on countless instances regarding their objectification and commodification of the female body, as well as their uses.

One of the most recent controversies regarding Japanese sex dolls revolved around dolls made to look like young girls, with the manufacturer of those dolls insisting they were made in order to “help” pedophiles from committing crimes against minors.

It seems to not just be about getting a doll with one's "ideal" physical features anymore, but a transition into trying to create an entity from scratch that is built to fully satiate every aspect of the sexual desires of certain individuals.

Despite the controversies surrounding these evolving, humanoid sex toys, it’s undeniable that the industry is growing and “accommodating” a wider range of preferences and fetishes.

And though these developments of sex dolls are in no way exclusive to Japan, the amount of effort that the Japanese sex doll industry puts into creating impeccable dolls indicates that we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg of future sex toys.