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POLICE REPORTS Pages Charges, Evidence Log, Unit Assignments 1-5 Officer Harmon (first on scene) 6-8 Officer Taylor (interviewed Ernie, medical liaison) 8-9 Officer Rhyne (observed Gorday, bruising) 9-11 Officer Fewell (collected clothing from Ernie) 11 Lt. One red top 3ml vial of blood containing @ .5cc, taken from Isis Vas on 10-28-00 - released to Dallas Co. Further injuries on Isis were located on both arms on her bicep and tricep area.Schwab (present for part of Ernie's statement) 11 Det Moore (took Ernie's statement) 12-13 Sgt. I also observed bruising to both her upper legs near her pelvic area. Burgess later gave me a form showing various angles of an infant ' s body and asked me to mark the areas of bruising which I had observed.

Burgess (crime scene investigator; took photos; searched Lopez home; reports on Levy interview with Vas; attended harvesting of organs and autopsy) 17-24 Sgt. Following Michele Gorday 's exam, I was present when she advised Of icer Taylor that she had found moderate damage to Isis Vas' s vaginal area and minor damage to her anal area.

30 ml bottle "Children's Advil" Ibuprofen oral suspension, 100mg/5ml 8. Envelop labeled Debris Collection - taken of Isis Vas by Michelle Gorday RN - released to Dallas Co. When I arrived, I spoke with Sgt Don Moore of the Special Crimes Unit of the Amarillo Police Department . I asked him if he wanted me to write the statement for him and he said yes. Lopez saw his wife standing out in the hallway and asked if she could be with him while we wrote • out the statement. Doctor Levy explained the baby was in critical condition from being shook to hard. Lopez had admitted shaking the baby twice and also broke down and cried and said in front of his wife and Officer Harmon and me that maybe he shook her to hard but he was just trying to get a response because she wasn't breathing. I was advised the mother of the victim was en route from out of town. Smith, and advised after the doctors checked the baby's charts, a decision of taking the victim off of life support systems would be made. I then left the immediate area where we were • sitting and contacted Deputy to take custody of Ernest. Burgess advised the victim was Isis Charm Vas, WF, dob 4/26/00. I was advised by Michelle Gorday was the rape exam nurse. Burgess her examination showed major trauma to the vaginal area and minor trauma to the rectum area. Carmen Werner who has her practice at Amarillo Health Care Specialists. Deanne said Isis had old bruising to the neck and head area.

One bottle of "Albuterol Sulfate" USP Inhaler solution .5%, 5mg/ml 9. Sgt Don Moore had in custody one Ernest Galvel Lopez , wm,| . Moore asked me to witness the statement he took from Mr. I agreed to let her sit with him while I took this statement. Lopez read the statement and he had me make a few changes and stated it was correct. I returned to the family room and talked to him about the baby. At am, I was advised the baby was removed from life support and the baby was pronounced dead at the hospital. We then went to the special crimes officer where I later spoke to Sgt. The mother of the victim is Veronica Lynn Vas, WF, [ , address] , phone no. I was advised the father of two of Veronica's children was Dr. Katie said she was able to talk with Veronica briefly but was told by Veronica she was too upset to talk about it at this time. Shelton has • obtained counsel with Sally Emerson to represent him in getting his two children back in a custody suit. Shelton is advised through the suit of neglect and poor decision making by Veronica with his two i ! STATE-0015 Date: 01/23/2002 Page: Case Description: Case Number: 2000-00111411 Homicide children.

One prescription bottle for Sienna Lopez of Cephalex 125mg, 100ml #100 dose, 5ml twice daily 1 0. Envelop labeled Anal Swabs & Smears - taken of Isis Vas by Michelle Gorday RN - released to Dallas Co. Lopez was being held as a suspect on charge of injury to a child with serious bodily injury. The statement that was taken didn't contain the 3 incidents that I mentioned earlier. I told him that the baby might have been sexually abused and he was adamant that nothing happened, they did clean the baby because she was real dirty from a bowel movement and had to wipe the areas with his 2 fingers and had to really get in there real deep to get her clean. I asked if he could have penetrated the entry of the inside and he said no. On 10/30/00, I contacted AMS to receive paramedic's reports that responded to 608 South Highland and the 911 call that was taped that was believed to have been from 608 South Highland. I said I needed to speak with Veronica, about the events leading up to the death of Isis as soon as I could.

Haney (subpoenaed medical info; got firemen Affidavits; note, one fireman report may be missing) 24 Sgt. Horn (obtained 911 tape; met with Pat Turner) 25-26 Sgt. Burgess (DNA analysis) 28-31 Officers Merryman and Sgt. I asked Gorday if it was clear to photograph Vas, and she said the examining doctor would advise when it would be clear.

Haney (met Vas in 3/01 ; obtained contact info; Gave her copies of photos & showed autopsy report) 26 Sgt. Bro Wn (Ernie's arrest) 30-31 Note : no reports from Smith or Hudson (at hospital) Draft Affidavits Veronica Vas (prepared by Sgt. Officer Taylor then spoke with the examing doctor at which time, I heard him ask the doctor for a condition report so we could determine whether to contact special crimes.

Haney) 32-33 Laurie (Lorrie) Word (probably prepared by Sgt. He then told Officer Taylor, "Do what you need to do. Burgess did arrive a short time later to take photographs and custody of Isis Vas.Haney) 34-36 Patricia Gail Turner (probably prepared by Sgt. Navy blue nylon sleeping bag from foot end of bed in master bedroom 2. I don't expect the baby to survive this." Officer Taylor then went to report this to Sgt. While waiting for special crimes, I did observe the Chaplian for the hospital perform a short baptism for the baby at the doctor's request, which the mother of the baby had asked for. Smith to find out if he wanted me to handle the investigation or Special Crimes was going to. Smith arrived and advised me to handle the investigation and that he would get Sgt.Horn) 36-37 Evidence Log Items collected from Lopez home 38-39 Items collected from Northwest Texas Hospital 39 Items collected from APD property room 39 Items collected from Northwest Texas Hospital Pathology Dept. "Gerber" blue/white - bear pattern - baby quilt from inside crib in NE bedroom 3. Envelop labeled Known Blood - taken of Isis Vas by Michelle Gorday RN - kept by SCU 20. I was later advised that Isis Vas had been under the care of a subject named Ernest Galvan Lopez, who had called 911 when the child had stopped breathing. Lopez he was going to be placed under arrest for injury to a child '. Lopez asked me if he could call an attorney and I told him he could use the phone book and phone in the family room. • Lopez said he had a few in mind and would call them later. Date: 01/23/2002 Page: Case Number: 2000-00111411 STATE-0013 Case Description: Homicide ^^Supplement : Moore #628 IR #00-111411. Schwab asked me to meet the officer at the Emergency Room and that he would be waiting for me in the family room. Schwab said that an infant was in critical condition and possibly sexually assaulted. Burgess to handle the ID portion of this and would conduct ID at the scene.39 Northwest Texas Hospital Forensic Examination Record 40 Evidence submitted to S. Institute of Forensic Science (possibly DNA) 41 Photos of Lopez home 41 Photos of Isis Vas (taken by Michelle Gorday) 42 Photos of Isis Vas (taken by Sgt Burgess) (3 sets, including harvesting of organs) 42-43 Photos taken at Vas home (van and garage) EVIDENCE LOG 00-111411 PAGE 1 A. "Little Me" baby nigh time jumper suit with snap back - from lis crib in NE bedroom 4. Brown paper sack containing the following items collected from Earnest Galvel Lopez H/M 1 1 - 1 3-70, at P. I contacted the Amarillo Emergency Services dispatch and learned that they were contacted at am and that the ambulance •was en route at am. Lopez it appeared that the most serious injury to the child was from being shaken. I met with Officer Harmon and he explained that there was a infant in critical condition and the suspect was a Ernest Lopez. I read Ernest Lopez his miranda rights and he signed them. I asked Ernest to tell me what happened and he gave me a long detailed story starting where the baby Isis Vaz fell off the couch bumping her head, Isis having some spider bites around the left eye and breathing treatment that was given to a baby a couple of days before the incident. Burgess advised on 10/28/00, paramedics arrived a the place of Isis's location which is at 608 South Highland and they found Isis was not breathing and had no change."Pulmo Mate" Compressor Nebulizer by De Vilbiss, model # 4650D, serial # D289 1 754 - from living room floor W. 15 ml bottle of "Infant's Motrin concentrated drops - Ibuprofen oral suspension, 50mg/1.25 6. Envelop labeled Known Saliva Collection - taken of Isis Vas by Michelle Gorday RN - released to Dallas Co. I was also advised that the ambulance department 608 South Highland with the victim at am and arrived at Northwest Texas Hospital at am. Lopez if he understood the statement and the warning on the statement and he told me he did. Lopez read part of the statement to me to be sure he knew what he was signing. Moore left the family room to speak with the medical staff about the condition of the victim. After I listened to this lengthy story I asked Ernest to write the story out just like he told me and he did do so. Smith in reference to a 6 -month old baby was in critical condition at Northwest Texas Hospital. Darryl More was at the hospital talking with the last person to be with the baby before medical personnel were contacted. Moore and I went to the Potter County Correctional Center to speak with Ernest Galvel Lopez, WM, dob , who was booked into jail on 10/28/00 in reference to this incident. The paramedics arrived at Northwest Texas Hospital at am when she was admitted. Burgess to advise Veronica Vas tht I needed to speak with her as soon as possible. She advised there was no history of case involving the mother, Veronica Vas, or ERnest Lopez filed with their office.15 ml bottle of'Pedia Care Infant's Drops" Decongestant plus cough 7. For further information STATE-0012 Case Description: Homicide •reference this incident, refer to other officers' reports and supplements. kb Supplement: Fewell #155 00-00111411 Supplement Fewell #155 On 10/28/00 at approximately pm I was dispatched to NWTH ER, 1501 Coulter, to relieve a dayshift officer. Ernest started writing but stopped because he said he was to upet and he was printing and writing in cursive. Lopez in the family room and went upstairs to the baby's hospital room. I was later advised the baby was on life support and medical people would continue to evaluate the condition. We sat down with Ernest in the classroom area of the Potter County Correctional at pm. Moore read the constitutional rights to Ernest and Erenst advised he wanted to speak with an attorney. They had seen bruising on the head and there was detachment of the retina damage around the eye. Katie said she did speak with Deanne Lopez who is Ernest Lopez's wife.

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