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The wrong answer lands Kyle, Butters, and Kenny in a small office with the expert, who sends them to sex addiction therapy. Expert 4 shows the chairman the results of the research he's been doing on money's effect on male chimpanzees.

Disclaimer Die Nutzungsbedingungen von Chatroulette verbieten Minderjährigen die Nutzung der Webseite.Kyle and Butters replace Kobe when they're introduced. Tiger is also in class, but either Duchovny or Spitzer is blocking the view.The names in gray are the characters that don't have any lines in the episode, except maybe for greeting Kyle and Butters.The therapist goes over the dangerous behaviors sex addicts exhibit with the class and welcomes Kyle and "Bummers" to the class.Verbindung zu Chatroulette herstellen Die richtige Chatroulette-tikette Seit seinem Start im Jahr 2009 ist Chatroulette zu einem Internetphänomen geworden.Die Webseite verbindet zwei zufällig ausgewählte Benutzer aus aller Welt für einen Videochat.

Jeder der beiden Nutzer kann die Sitzung jederzeit beenden und mit einem neuen zufälligen Benutzer chatten.

Bist du bereit für eine einmalige Erfahrung die nicht nur Spaß sondern auch Risiko bringen kann, dann schau dir Schritt 1 an.

Unfortunately, the therapist ends up explaining that the sex addicts should avoid getting caught if they want those sexual addictions to stop ruining their lives.

Kyle retorts that that's the wrong lesson to teach, and the therapist reports Kyle to his superior as a "turd in the punch bowl." The CDC investigates the rising level of sexual addiction and determines how deep it has penetrated school systems.around the country.

The CDC concludes that sexual addiction starts at 4th grade with a few kids - 5% - and rises to 91% by 12th grade.

Expert 9 goes to South Park Elementary to talk to the 4th graders.

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