Mr nice guy dating

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Mr nice guy dating - dating for young professionals

You’re the one to blame because you ALLOWED yourself to. I stress on married men because married women rarely fall victim. And sometimes when she gets to the edge and brings herself back to reality – unlike the doggish married men, who want to be telling these single, silly women how to run their lives, who to be with and who not to be with.The moment you realised he is married, a line should be drawn and you should not have bowed down to his standards. They meet a good single guy, finds all the excuses in the world not to commit to them, but they meet a married man and f*** him and enter into a unhealthy relationship, then when the married man decides to stay with his wife she gets gwo pwel (heart break) and call men “dogs” and that single, good men are hard to find. They got the fish already so they could say anything they want.

They become the most charming angels and would offer their souls to be with these “on-the-side-women”. Let him get his s*** out the way first then he can check you (if you’re available).

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#Bring The Beat If you’re reading this and you are or were involved with a married person, you’re salop (nasty). I am not sure what it is about married men that these young women love so much.

No one should get involved intimately in any form with a married person unless they are fully divorced. These married men cannot keep their relationship firm, yet they are able to harness the attention and body of young, stupid women, coercing them into believing that a relationship with them is viable.

These married men out of nowhere become the best friend of friends. Commonsense would tell any woman that if a married man is cheating on his wife, he is capable of cheating on his “side thing” if they become serious. Whether he is in the middle of a divorce or planning to do it, is no excuse to get involved with a married man.

Also remember that getting a divorce can be very tedious and may take years. Men always come with some bullshite story about their wives to get in your panties.

He may just scrap it and fix his marriage and leave you screwed and dry. Weren’t they dating before or did he do a blind-date type of marriage?

I could understand if you got involved because the man fools you by telling you he is not married when he really is.

However, after finding the truth the next best thing is to dump him and tell his wife.

But no, women are so gullible that they will continue to listen to the grime that spews from these idiots mouth and maintain some sort of friendship with benefits.

I agree that we are all human beings and we cannot help being attracted to some people because of how they look and how charming they are. If you fell in love with a married man, do not place blame on nature.