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After marriage, the new spouse gets UK citizenship. Many years ago Socialist workers party and trotskyite activists (Communists) took control of the boroughs and Tower Hamlets council.

Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.Introduction agencies for match-making individuals who want friendship, companionship, dating, romance and even marriage or a long-term relationship. The white East Enders, have been eradicated from a large part of Tower Hamlets, East London.It's not looking much like "a vibrant Bangladeshi community" under 25's is over 40% (figure does not include income support, sickness claimants, or carers. It gets worse, Unemployment over 50's is 80%, females of working age, only 22% are in employment (its 72% in the rest of the UK)- the babies keep coming, and the state keeps paying.Bangladeshi Tower Hamlets, moves every closer to disaster, a chronically overcrowded, poverty stricken fundamentalist Islamic state.

Read how the BBC describe this disaster Another UK Gov fact.

A significant percentage of none English speaking spouses come to the UK from Bangladesh.

The Blitz generation have watched helplessly as their sons and daughters have been forced to move out of their historic homeland, the East End.

Now only a few isolated and ageing pockets survive. The birth rate is the highest in the developed world, and quite possibly the highest in the whole world - Yes! Poverty, crime and deprivation have become the norm in this new Islamic State of Tower Hamlets.

From the early 70's Housing and Social resources have been diverted to large Bangladeshi Muslim families. Over the next two decades the population is predicted to rise exponentially.

This policy has virtually eradicated the indigenous white population, and has continued for decades without comment or constraint. With nowhere for this community to expand, the chronic overcrowding, the disease and the poverty will become a national disaster.

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    When the road forks at a cemetery, bear left onto Brooklyn Janice Rd. LAT, LON lat=31.050857, lon=-89.117146(source: Map) (accuracy: approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. No detailed road directions given here - see a map). There is a swimming hole with a large sand bar just upstream from the picnic area, where Bug Branch (appropriately named, see picture) empties into Black Creek. You will see a sign for Fairley Bridge Landing; turn left at the sign and follow the road to the picnic/camping area. From I-55 in Mc Comb, take the RT 98 East (exit 15A) continue east on RT 98 for 12 miles then turn right on to Dogwood Trail at the brown Bogue Chitto Water Park sign.