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Right." Tristan is currently best friends with Zoë Rivas and Tori Santamaria before her move.

He is labelled as "The Boy Looking For Love." He is portrayed by Lyle Lettau.

In Dead and Gone (1), Tristan was in the same room with Bianca and Drew at the Grade 9 Orientation while they were arguing.

Tristan interrupts them, demanding to know why he could not get on You Tube.

He tested Bianca's patience and she informed him that just because he was new, that doesn't mean she won't stuff him into a locker, which seems to frighten Tristan. In Underneath It All, Tristan and his best friend Tori warn Maya Matlin that Zig Novak is bad news. Oh to play the French horn, which he did not seem happy to be about. Tristan tries to back up Tori and says she only commented 50 times on Zig's Facerange wall, as it sounds better than 100.

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (1), Tristan faces a dilemma concerning Tori picking to spend time with Zig over himself.

Tristan Milligan is a Junior (Grade 11) at Degrassi Community School.

Tristan is out, proud, and has his eyes set on running the school.From school musicals and dance committees, to top of the Power Squad pyramid, he wants it all.Like his personality, his heart is big, which often finds himself searching for "Mr.In desperation, he approaches his brother, Owen in the weights room on how to break Tori and Zig up so that he can spend more time with Tori.Owen has no desire to allow the school to know that Tristan's his brother, and despite finding Tristan's dilemma pathetic, he eventually suggested that he tells Tori that Zig thinks that she's fat.Later in the music room, Tristan lies to Tori about overhearing Zig calling Tori curvy to some of his friends at the skatepark.