Pinoy sex chat videos

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Pinoy sex chat videos

At first, the women lose their self-esteem and suffer depression.

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This story shows the ills effects of pornography and that, indeed, there is life after a scandal.

Starring: Johnny Vicar, Irma Adlawan, Minda Flores, Olive Madridejos, Gelm Fernandez The.

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ecause of a dysfunctional upbringing, Jake inherits his father's perversion for sex.

He grows up to become a pornographer, videotaping his sex encounters and replicating these on VCDs to be sold at "bangketas"; and, on the sly, in video rental shops.

The women in the videos - Jake's current girlfriend Andrea, Prances who is married to Joseph, and Donna, a beauty queen - get their reputations tainted when the VCDs are exposed.

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