Problem updating turbo tax

25-Nov-2015 20:09 by 7 Comments

Problem updating turbo tax - Latvia girls chat

I have turned off my firewall, but i still cannot install updates.

At the bottom click the "Run this program as administrator". We do that with the style and format of our responses.

Can you try running Turbo Tax as an administrator and see if you are getting this error?

Please let me know what is the Operating system you are running so that I can assist you better.

Based on old artifacts you can also try and refer the solution as published in Microsoft community at

Simply select Check for Updates from the Online menu in Turbo Tax (Windows) or quit and reopen the program (Mac).

If new updates are available, you'll get a message to download them.

If you get disconnected while updating, try again and our update will pick up where it left off.Windows users: Download a manual update if you're having trouble updating from the Online menu.When you update your Turbo Tax software program, you'll also get the latest state update.You can also re-download your state (if purchased separately) or download it again through your Turbo Tax Windows or Mac program.If you still can't update your state program, contact us.Although you can update over a wireless or dial-up connection, it's best to use a wired, high-speed connection to speed things up and minimize the possibility of data corruption.

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