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About one-third of Virtual students are seniors playing catchup on the credits they need.In a district where half of its 20,000 seniors started the school year behind, it advances a critical goal: get them to graduation.

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That equates to about one in 10 students taking online courses in Clark County, the nation's fifth-largest district of just over 300,000 students.A form of long-distance eroticism in which one’s sexual fantasies are relayed to another participant in a real-time computer chat forum, who may self-stimulate himself/herself to a point of sexual gratification One is secret filming, then there's the rise of women sexual predators (knew I was born too late), followed by the desire to have sex like porn stars, cyber cheats, threesomes, swinging and the truly bizarre world of World Reader and Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World, has written a series of essays about such potentially provocative topics as Dan Quayle, Catharine Mac Kinnon, Camille Paglia, Madonna's Sex book, Jimi Hendrix and the Black Panthers.Fifteen-year-old Jared Smith sat in a high school classroom for the last time on Monday. He'll still be taking the same Clark County School District classes as other sophomores, but through Virtual High School, a sort of "Tron" educational environment where he completes homework, takes test and even communicates with his teacher and classmates on the Internet through instant messaging and in chat rooms.No, he's not a Doogie Howser kind of genius graduating early. No extra cost is involved and there's still a student prom.A campus at Flamingo Road and Mc Leod Drive provides a meeting place for students who want face-to-face help."For some students, I will go the entire semester and not hear their voices," said Kelli Sommer, chairwoman of Virtual's English department.Virtual High School -- opened in 2004-05 -- is nothing new.

It has 150 full-time students, but projects 12,000 total enrollments this school year.

That's because online courses are now available to students at all 49 district high schools this year, allowing them to remain at their home schools while retaking a class or two through Virtual.

Under new Superintendent Dwight Jones, the district is relying on online courses more than ever and students have jumped at the new opportunity.

The district also is developing plans to make online courses available in middle schools.

CLASSROOM VERSUS COMPUTERJust one course is how it started for Jared Smith.

He was more or less forced into it because Boulder City High School cut the biology class he needed, forcing students to take it in a school computer lab.