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There are many examples of Java Script libraries that use some variant of this: j Query probably being the most well known.

instead of: In the Java Swing API, the Layout Manager interface defines how Container objects can have controlled Component placement.C# uses fluent programming extensively in LINQ to build queries using the standard query operators. Fluent interface can also be used to chain a set of method, which operates/shares the same object.Like instead of creating a customer class we can create a data context which can be decorated with fluent interface as follows.A common use of the fluent interface in C++ is the standard iostream, which chains overloaded operators.In software engineering, a fluent interface (as first coined by Eric Evans and Martin Fowler) is an implementation of an object oriented API that aims to provide more readable code.A fluent interface is normally implemented by using method cascading (concretely method chaining) to relay the instruction context of a subsequent call (but a fluent interface entails more than just method chaining The term "fluent interface" was coined in late 2005, though this overall style of interface dates to the invention of method cascading in Smalltalk in the 1970s, and numerous examples in the 1980s.

A common example is the iostream library in C++, which uses the operators for the message passing, sending multiple data to the same object and allowing "manipulators" for other method calls.Other early examples include the Garnet system (from 1988 in Lisp) and the Amulet system (from 1994 in C++) which used this style for object creation and property assignment.One of the more powerful Layout Manager implementations is the Grid Bag Layout class which requires the use of the Grid Bag Constraints class to specify how layout control occurs.A typical example of the use of this class is something like the following.This creates a lot of code and makes it difficult to see what exactly is happening here.The Packer class, visible at provides a Fluent mechanism for using this class so that you would instead write: There are many places where Fluent APIs can greatly simplify how software is written and help create an API language that helps users be much more productive and comfortable with the API because the return value of a method always provides a context for further actions in that context.