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Both me and the roofer were told orally by Elkins that the roof was indeed damaged by wind and hail (the hail dents were visible on the roof and I had shingle tabs all over my yard) but due to the age of my roof, the damage would not be covered.

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So when I received the letter denying my claim, I was told there was “no damage”.

The reason given (since “retaliation” isn’t a legal reason) was that I don’t live in my house (!?

) and that my house was undergoing renovations (I was painting the exterior).

I had owned the house (and of course lived in it) the entire time since purchasing it two years prior and still reside there.

After doing some price shopping for insurance, I decided to switch my homeowners insurance to Farmers and my policy began April 24, 2010 (agent Brendt Miller).

Two weeks later, May 7, the greater Cleveland (OH) area had a huge storm: 75mph winds, severe hail, and possible tornadoes.

Our city was declared a state of emergency and there was millions of dollars in damage in my city alone.

On June 8 my roof was inspected by Farmers adjuster Kirstin Elkins and an independent roofer.

So my roof is old (no disputing that) yet impervious to damage when the much newer roofs all around me were damaged and covered by their insurance companies (1000s of residents in my city received insurance money from the storm).

This letter included the portion of my policy pertaining to the roof, which clearly stated that damage from weather and normal wear and tear damage due to aging are treated separately, the former being covered as long as the two can be differentiated.

Since aging does not cause hail dents or shingles to fly off the roof, these should be easily differentiated in this case.

On July 20 my policy was illegally canceled in retaliation for me filing the above claim.