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I have sent a letter asking permission to wander 'off piste' but have not yet been graced with a reply. They are still in the same enclosed area no bigger than 10 x 4 feet. A couple of Gymnopus peronatus (Wood Wooly Foot) and Scleroderma bovista (Potato Eartball) and that was it.

The woodland was very dry despite the presence of the water and recent rain.

The intrepid Myko Golfer, winner of the Golf Cup, is now providing regular updates to our website. Friday 12th August 2016 My local golf course, that I visit frequently, was run by the Council.

Due to lack of funds they have handed over the running to a private company. There is a public right of way through part of it but I have always wandered at will.

Now there are notices to stick to the path which they have helpfully churned up with heavy machinery.

And they have dug a cable trench through one of my favourite bits.

Not so many higher fungi about but we did manage to exceed fifty. Not one I have seen before but obviously different from the more common species.

Xerocomellus engelii with orange spots in the stem.Postia stiptica (Bitter Bracket) and tephroleuca (Greyling Bracket).And three Sclerodermas (Earthballs), citrinum (Common), verrucosum (Scaly) and bovista (Potato).I did a few dead stems and our rust expert attended so a few more will be addeed to the list. Tuesday 2nd August 2016 When it stopped raining, I went for a walk to one of my parks. I pulled some dead stems of Senecio jacobaea (Ragwort).They all had lots of the Ascomycete, Mollisia clavata growing on them. I managed to extricate a couple to discover that they were Lachnella villosa, a Basidiomycete.Passing a woodchipped shrubbery, I saw a large group of Clitocybe fragrans (Fragrant Funnel).