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Five years ago I signed up for a three-month stint, along with some girlfriends (solidarity, sista! I met a handful of nice guys, but nothing that turned into a relationship.

Even though my online dating adventures didn’t end with meeting the man of my dreams, I am still a fan of the whole process.

Even people I would think would have no trouble meeting people and making connections, have given it a whirl. Sometimes I’ve felt stuck in a rut in terms of meeting new people.

I can guarantee you won’t be the only one to try it. One of the benefits of online dating is that you get outside of your usual social circles, which might be a major factor in why you’re single.

Ultimately God is in charge of our relationship status, and online dating is only one way, out of many, we might meet someone. Whether you meet 10 dates in real life or only communicate with one match, you’ll learn more about yourself, communication and how to have good conversations.

But if you live in a small town or don’t have a lot of time to meet new people, an online dating site is a great way for God to put someone in your path whom you might not meet otherwise. If you’re shy or haven’t dated much, online dating is a great opportunity to learn how to get to know someone in a non-threatening way. And check back next week for my thoughts on not being an awkward online dater.

If you’ve dated a lot, it’s a chance to keep improving as you figure out how to ask interesting, thought-provoking questions or how to plan a fun, creative first date.

Even though you may be feeling skeptical, it’s worth a try—you never know who you could meet. You can fill out more profile information later when you've found someone interesting. It’s Better Than Blind Dates Yes, your friends mean well, but blind dates are rough. Online dating is more popular than ever; chances are you know someone who’s tried it. For example, has a one-step sign up; just enter your email and you're ready to go.So if you’re thinking about trying it, or trying it again, here are three reasons why you should. When I think about my various circles of friends, I know of more people than not who have tried online dating.And if you’re looking for a deal, check out Christian and use the promo code BOUNDLESS to get some extra days to your free trial. In fact, it was meeting my friend’s fiancé, whom she met online, that convinced me to try it last summer.It’s such a common part of today’s dating scene, so you are in good company.In fact, some of the most outgoing, social, extroverted people I know have done online dating.