Updating elgg

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Updating elgg - Xxx video random chat

This is something Elgg lacks compared to similar projects, so we hope to fill that gap.

There are some exciting changes Steve has been working on that should improve performance, hopefully significantly.

Following that, we are looking forward to Elgg 1.9, with an anticipated release of Spring 2013.

With 1.9, we're aiming to make the migration process much simpler than the 1.7 to 1.8 transition.

One of the things we're looking at is improving the ability for plugin authors to easily Ajaxify Elgg's interface.

We've received some emails about the future of the project and our current development plans, so I wanted to address these concerns.

Elgg is still under active development by the core team, all of whom volunteer their time for Elgg.

Our development has slowed because each of us has personal and work lives outside of Elgg.For me, as much as I'd love to devote my full attention to Elgg, I still have other responsibilities.Our newest team member, Steve Clay, has stepped in during this lull and has been extremely active in developing exciting features for the recent and upcoming 1.8 releases.We've also been very happy to receive a number of pull requests from contributors like Paweł Sroka, Lostmon Lords, Juho Jaakkola, and Team Webgalli.Steve has been instrumental in releasing the last few version of Elgg, and in getting these pull requests in for the upcoming releases.Looking to the future, the next release of Elgg, 1.8.10, will be out by the end of the year.

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