Updating formica

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I never paint anything anymore without adding it to my paint. So my recipe contains Floetrol and I’m really glad it does. 2 TBSP unsanded grout ~ 1-2 TBSP water 1 cup latex paint with Floetrol mixed in at a ratio of 1 cup Floetrol per gallon of paint Dissolve the unsanded grout in about a tablespoon of water.

These are the same cabinets that are currently in the kitchen (ugh!

) only this single one is on the other side of the kitchen wall and sits in the dining room.

I was planning on ripping it out, but then I got the idea to give it a makeover.

I wasn’t quite sure the best way to refinish formica.

I googled it, but didn’t find any really good ideas. I didn’t know if it would work or how it would turn out, but I figured if it didn’t turn out well, I could still rip the cabinet out later. I could never get myself to spend that kind of money on paint. So I decided to DIY the chalk paint and I ended up creating my very own unique chalk paint formula.

Well, now the plan is to keep my DIY refinished formica cabinet and Mom & Dad have a new cabinet to store their china. There are three things I did to refinish the ugly formica cabinet: 1) paint, 2) add trim to the doors, and 3) add crown molding. For my paint, I needed something that was going to really stick. What makes my recipe unique is that it includes Floetrol Paint Conditioner.

I had read about how chalk paint can be used on any surface so I thought I’d try that. Of course, I’d like everyone to think this was a brilliant move on my part, but the truth is I used a leftover can of paint that I had from painting some doors and trim and I had added the Floetrol to the entire gallon. It’s a paint additive/conditioner (add about 1 cup per gallon) that helps eliminate brush marks (it does this really well!) and extend drying time so the paint has more time to self level. First, I apologize for the quality of the before pictures. I just finished (finally) refinishing an old formica cabinet at my parents house (that I had left hanging for a little while).I started this project in February, before I started blogging — yes, it’s only been a little over 2 months since I started the site — so I wasn’t planning on anyone seeing the pictures but me, so the photos were taken with my crappy cell phone.But you definitely get the idea how horribly ugly that cabinet was; another remnant of the 80’s.