Updating to word 2016

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Updating to word 2016

For instance: if you want to adjust line spacing, but don’t know how to do it, just type it in the little field.The line spacing options are displayed in an eye blink.

Maybe, they will include it in the next update but for now the feature makes Office mastery easier and tasks swifter.That’s usually how it always goes with new software and smarter features. Microsoft Office 2016 introduces Colorful which is the default theme and each app gets a different color.But it’s a different thing when every seventh person in the world uses Microsoft Office and so do 83% of the Fortune 500 companies. Well, you can arrive at that decision in the few minutes it takes to read the 13 main reasons. Word is dark blue, Excel is green, Power Point is orange, Outlook is light-blue, and One Note is purple.Yes, Microsoft Office 2016 is now out in the glare. That helps to alleviate the whitish monotony of the previous versions. Pro Tip: If you have visual problems, the high-contrast Dark Grey theme could be an eye saver. These are two little changes and hardly one that will convince you to switch to the latest version.But it’s nice to make a pleasant beginning before we get to the heavy features. For those who have felt lost among the endless options in Office, the Tell me what you want to do is Clippy’s smarter cousin.Even though, I can’t say it came back perfect when I tried it with the obscure commands in Office.

Pro Tip: Alt + Q is the new keyboard shortcut you have to learn now.

If collaboration isn’t real time, it isn’t collaboration in the true sense.

Notice the little bulb icon in the middle of the Ribbon.

It is intelligence personified – you just have to tell it what you want to do.

No digging for commands or shoveling through the Help file.

Type what you want to do in the Office program and the little genie not only shows you how to do it, like a help feature, but let’s you do it directly from here.

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