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Each contestant communicated with the woman via a digital video feed, but when he communicated with the other man, he could only hear him, and not see him.In reality, both the competitor and the women were confederates of the researchers, and followed a fixed script.

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That means that though we may pack our heads full of 21st century knowledge, the organ inside our skull is still a Stone-Age brain.We think of ourselves as a civilized species, but our brains are designed to meet the challenges of an earlier era.Among birds and many other animals voice seems to play a great role in meeting one of those demands — reproduction — and it seems to be similarly important in humans.For example, women may disagree on whether they prefer dark-skinned men with beards, clean-shaven blonds, or men of any appearance sitting in the driver’s seat of a Lamborghini — but when asked to rate men they can hear but not see, women miraculously tend to agree: men with deeper voices are more attractive.Asked to guess the physical characteristics of the men whose voices they hear in such experiments, the women tend to associate low voices with men who are tall, muscular, and hairy-chested — traits commonly considered sexy.As for men, a group of scientists recently discovered they unconsciously adjust the pitch of their voices higher or lower in accordance with their assessment of where they stand on the dominance hierarchy with respect to possible competitors.

In that experiment, which involved a couple hundred men in their twenties, each man was told he’d be competing with another man for a lunch date with an attractive woman in a nearby room.

The competitor, it was explained, was a man in a third room.

People spend a lot of time talking and thinking about how members of the opposite sex look, but very little time paying attention to how they sound.

To our unconscious minds, however, voice is very important.

Our genus has been evolving for a couple million years.

Brain evolution happens over many thousands or millions of years, but we’ve lived in civilized society for less than 1 percent of that time.

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