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What is time averaging dating - topless dating

This type of average is an average of previously averaged spectra., acceptable, indifferent, tolerable These adjectives indicate a middle position on a scale of evaluation.

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Mediocre and middling stress the undistinguished aspect of what is average: "The caliber of the students ...

has gone from mediocre to above average" (Judy Pasternak).

"Every writer creates weak, middling and strong work" (Frank Conroy).

What is fair or acceptable is satisfactory or moderately good but has room for improvement: a fair chance of winning; an acceptable grade on the test.

Averaging In performing spectrum analysis, regardless of how it is done, some form of time averaging must be done to determine the level of the signal at each frequency.

In vibration analysis, the most important type of averaging employed is linear spectrum averaging, where a series of individual spectra are added together and the sum is divided by the number of spectra.

Averaging is very important when performing spectrum analysis of any signal that changes with time, and this is usually the case with vibration signals of machinery.It is especially important for low-frequency measurements, which require long averaging times to achieve a good statistically accurate estimate of the spectrum.Linear averaging smoothes out the spectrum of the random noise in a spectrum making the discrete frequency components easier to see, but it does not actually reduce the noise level.Another type of averaging which is important in machinery monitoring is time domain averaging, or time synchronous averaging, which requires a tachometer to synchronize each "snapshot" of the signal to the running speed of the machine.Time domain averaging is very useful in reducing the random noise components in a spectrum, or in reducing the effect of other interfering signals such as components from another nearby machine.In the DLI Alert software, the baseline spectrum or reference spectrum can be defined as an average of spectra from several machines.

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