Who is elise estrada dating

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Birthdate: July 30, 1987Birthplace: Marikina City, Philippines Elise Estrada is the hot new Canadian singer storming the urban pop charts—her addictive hit single, “Unlove You” is a Top 5 i Tunes hit, and her new jam, “Crash & Burn” is already a hugely-requested radio track.

Since signing with Rock STAR, Elise has won the Canadian Radio Music Award for Best New Solo Artist, toured with chart toppers Rihanna, Soulja Boy, Lady Gaga, Backstreet Boys and [kwlink 8994]50 Cent[kwlink], and in a much-publicized fiasco—befriended so many fans on Facebook she had to open three separate accounts!

Elise plays up the hottie image, but the former “Miss Vancouver Princess” is more than her “booty beauty.” A hard work ethic and killer pipes make Elisa a serious contender on the North American music scene—and she’s a proud Filipina too!

Elise grew up singing karaoke with her family and friends, and says the karaoke experiences helped her feel more comfortable performing for an audience.

Elise was first embraced by Asian fans when she won the Pinoy Pop Superstar competition (an American Idol-type show in the Philippines) and she’s since cemented her status as a music icon in Asia as well as North America.

On her self-titled debut album, Elise sings about the trials of being a girl—game-playing boyfriends, superficial haters, and of course, crazy stalker exes.

Her catchy songs alternate between poppy beats and smooth breakdowns, all while staying consistent with the hooks—each song could be a bestselling ring tone.

Keep an eye out for this talented, rising star—she’s probably blasting from your radio already!

Since I am only 10 right now, I can't listen 2 songs that are inapproprate in any way and that means I have to take risks when I try to find out about a catchy song.

“Being an Asian singer in North America hasn’t always been easy.

There is nothing more rewarding than being a role model for my culture and showing aspiring artists that if you want something bad enough, you can achieve it, regardless of the odds stacked against you” —April 5, 2008 was an inspirational milestone in Canadian music history: it was the first time a Canadian of east-Asian descent scored a Top 40 radio hit.

The feat was accomplished by a young woman from Maple Ridge, BC named Elise Estrada.

Elise was born in the Philippines but when she was four, her family immigrated to Canada.