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It’s very rare that men are allowed to give their emotional health priority in their lives.More often than not, we rely on others – primarily women – to attend to our emotional needs.

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We aren’t supposed to complain or acknowledge when shit is going badly for us except via quiet stoic resolve. Or perhaps you’ve been slamming your head against the unyielding wall that is your lousy dating life for too long and you can’t take any more.

But it’s easier (theoretically) to deal with comparatively these issues in the first place. But those deep-seated emotional issues can’t be cured by willpower and external validation.

At best, you make yourself numb for a little while…

and as any will tell you, not feeling pain isn’t the same as not being hurt. and that means being willing to ask for help when the problem goes deeper than just needing a pep-talk or two.

you need to address your core problems before you start trying to treat the lesser ones. But when you drill past the external problem (they’re single) you quickly get to the issues: they’re dealing with depression. These core problems inform Except that’s not how life works – dating somebody doesn’t make your emotional issues disappear.

Case in point: I hear from men regularly who want help with their dating lives because they’ve convinced themselves that finding a girlfriend will be the magic cure for everything that ails them. Somebody with low self-esteem who gets into a relationship is just going to find that they’re continually relying on their partner for security and reassurance – and will very quickly find themselves a relationship.

Dating somebody doesn’t make your depression go away; all too often, what it means is that you’re now expecting somebody else to nurse you through it.

This is the emotional equivalent of assuming that pulling out this splinter in your finger will cure your sucking chest-wound. It means not letting something like “the blues” get you down.

Admitting to having a problem is tantamount to admitting weakness and invites the traditional game of “You think No matter who you are or where you are in your life, sometimes the world goes out of its way to stomp on your metaphorical nuts with giant shitty boots. Or sometimes life just fucking and nothing seems like it would go right if you held a gun to its head.

But the key to getting through these tough moments isn’t to keep telling yourself “stone don’t cry”.

It’s not to keep telling yourself that this isn’t so bad and you’re just a pussy for not being able to take more.

It’s to learn how to One of the first things that guys need to learn: sometimes you need to be willing to ask for help. Right Now), everything will fall into place – they’ll no longer feel like losers, people will respect them and they’ll be magically better people. They have poor boundaries and no emotionally fulfilling relationships with other people.